Wangechi Addresses Copyright Claims on Chonjo Album

Wangechi Addresses Copyright Claims on Chonjo Album

Rapper Wangechi last night addressed the copyright claims that have been expressed over her joint album with Scar Mkadinali. The rapper on Wednesday, July 13, revealed that some songs from their album were missing from major streaming platforms due to a copyright claim.

“This is a statement acknowledging the missing songs on streaming platforms (Spotify,Audiomack, Apple Music and Boomplay). There have been unjustified copyright claims raised and we are trying our best to rectify the situation so you can all continue to enjoy the full CHONJO album,” Wangechi reported.

Wangechi mentioned that all the other songs were still available on streaming platforms and urged her fans to keep listening to them. She then went ahead and shared all the links to the different streaming platforms where the album was available.

The album is on YouTube and 6 songs are available for streaming on the platform. Spotify and Audiomack are also other platforms that you can find the album that came out two weeks ago.


You can stream the album on YouTube here

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