Corine Onyango Fired from Homeboyz Radio

Corine Onyango Fired from Homeboyz Radio

Radio presenter Corine Onyango fired from her job at Homeboyz Radio yesterday Corine took to social media to express her disappointment over the decision. In a short tweet she wrote on Tuesday, July 19, the presenter exclaimed that she had been fired by the station.

“They fucking fired me, Bro,” Corine revealed in the tweet which got Kenyans who listened to her show furious. Most people in the comments section started asking questions about why she had been let go.

One user commented: Oh No, Radio Africa ruined Homeboyz for sure.

This comment made Corine agree with him saying: For sure. I’m so happy you have been following the story

Others started expressing their disappointments like JadeReads who said: Mahn, couldn’t they come up with a better offer? Jesus, Homeboyz you loosing it. This is the face of Hip hop in this country that has toiled it for you to be where you are. Sad

Most fans insinuated that Radio Africa, the mother company of HBR, had only one mission and that was to buy the radio station and kill it so it would not become competition.

In a series of tweets, the presenter claimed that she did not like the way things had been for a while and even noted that Urban radio was becoming a major disappointment.

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