Top 10 Kenyan Best Luo Hiphop Rappers in 2022

Top 10 Kenyan Best Luo Hiphop Rappers in 2022

This is the updated list of the most lyrical, versatile Kenyan Luo Hiphop rappers with the greatest flow, punchlines and wordplay. After a good research and a close watch out, we came up with it. The list is randomly numbered.

     1. Japesa 

Courtesy: Instagram/Japesa

The Kisumu bred rapper is fast escalating, topping Luo HipHop music charts, he is widely known for his versatile flow and unmatchable punchlines.

He has worked with Khaligraph Jones and King Kaka on some legendary tracks, he is way too lyrical.

     2. Vioxii Dede

Courtesy: Instagram/Vioxii Dede

Vioxii Dede is an undisputed rap champion with a hard hitting flow, unique rapping skills and rhymes. He is always packed with metaphors and great punchlines, widely renowned for his contribution to the Luo Rap Industry.

Obongo Nyakalaga is one of his tracks making waves.

     3. Achicho

Courtesy: Instagram/Achicho

She is a skilled female rapper out on pursuit to change the face of the Luo Rap music. Achicho is underrated but way too skilled.

Her entry into HipHop music scene has paved more ways for female rappers into the game.

    4. Wuod Baba

Courtesy: Instagram/Wuod Baba

Wuod Baba is a flawless lyrical rapper with exotic rapping skills. He is one of the most hardworking Luo rapers with the biggest music catalog.

He is a lyricist with a unpredictable rap flow.

    5. Nick O’sam

Courtesy: Instagram/Nick O’sam

The Agulu hit maker bars are always on point and has never missed in any Luo hiphop debates and mentions. Nick O’sam has a unique spitting artistry with a punching flow on beats.

    6. Lang’ Katalang 

Courtesy: Instagram/Lang’Katalang

Lang’ Katalang the lyrical rapper repping Migori is always on top of his game with unrivalled metaphors, punchlines and rhymes.

His flow on beats is fire making him a lyrical genius.

   7. Luoboi

Courtesy: Instagram/Luoboi

Going by his name, Luoboi is definitely proud of his roots and culture. He expresses this through his unbeatable talent and distinctive rapping skills.

   8. Lyrical Swaleh

Courtesy: Instagram/Swaleh

Swaleh aka the Lyrical Sniper is a multi talented Luo rapper from Kisumu, he is basically underrated with hit jams and one of the few artists keeping it real and always repping the culture. He has worked so hard, mapping his music to the outside world.

Widely known from his hit song “Pod Apek”

   9. MC Sharon

Courtesy: Instagram/Mc Sharon

MC Sharon aka Mama Yao aka Alshaverb is a music genius, author, cultural curator and a creative connoisseur. Her music is top notch and in a genre fully dominated by men, she still stands out.

  10. Dezian

Courtesy: Instagram/Dezian

He has emerged among the top rated Luo rappers with skills.

After lately releasing Wach Mandas featuring Japesa and Gilberto & Wuod Baba, he has set the bar so high with his lyrical prowess and profound skills.

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