Video: Katapilla Gets Featured by Speedo’o from Sierra Leone

Kenyan rapper Katapilla has an international feature in Speedo’o from Sierra Leone. The collaboration that was released on May 29, this year, had the two rappers going in on the track Hallelujah.

Katapilla maintained his impeccable rapping skills by going off on the track with punchlines as he always does. The Kibera rapper joined the Sierra Leone rapper on probably one of the hardest Hip Hop tracks out right now.

The visuals for the video are also top-notch with great lighting and a good wardrobe for both rappers. Speedo’o kills it off in the third verse probably from the impression that Katapilla did enough justice on the second verse of the song.

Vinc On The Beat is also on the beat and you can tell by the flow that he really rocked his head off on this one.

Enjoy the song and tell us what you think of it.


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