Video: Have You Heard the Drill Remix to Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe?

You guys remember the legendary Hakuna Mungu Kama Wewe song? If you went to church as kid or have ever been to church for that matter, you can not miss out on this song.

The song came out almost a decade ago and is still the go to song when there is a praise and worship session in most Kenyan churches.

Originally, the song was done by Kijito Choir who made the song a favorite among many Swahili speakers. It has also been remixed by so many mainstream artists since then.

Now we have a drill version of the song. A snippet that was shared online by a producer named Luigi has gone viral. The producer simply took the original song and remixed it to add a drill feeling.

The song is sure to reach out to those who love drill.

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