Black Market Records launches Gengetone Radio

Black Market Records launches Gengetone Radio

Black Market Records has launched Gengetone radio, a platform that will see that your music gets to the right listening audience. The label is always creative in their endeavours, availing better opportunities to their artists and the entertainment industry in general.

Gengetone radio serves across the whole world, it’s an open platform that’s available to everyone. Among the artists whose music is already enlisted is Mbuzi Gang( Iphoolish, Joefes, Fathermoh), Boondocks Gang (Exray Taniua, Maddox, Odi Wa Muranga), Ethic Entertainment (Seska, Swat Matire), Unspoken Salaton among other acts.

This year is going to bring more collaborative ideas from the Black Market Records artists, we have seen how big the Gengetone music wave has spread across the world. If you want to check out Gengetone Radio, here is the link

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