Mbuzi Gang new song ‘Kelele’ is the biggest anthem right now

Mbuzi Gang new song ‘Kelele’ is the biggest anthem right now

Black Market Records signees Mbuzi Gang, are not predictable when it comes to making music but there is always a pattern of hit songs for every release they come up with. Today they have officially dropped the biggest tune ever dubbed ‘Kelele’, it’s a song off their new EP that goes with the same title.

Kelele simply translates to ‘Noise’ which is a reference used in the song to show how wavy and big the song is and it’s definitely going to move across all the airwaves. “We are back with this new tune to make noise since no one is doing something” quoted Mbuzi Gang.

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t listened to the song yet, when you first have a listen to the song you are going to be captivated by the smooth upbeat instrumental on it. On the chorus is Fathermoh, the father of hooks. He drops a catchy tune on the chorus, something you will only witness in the Kelele song.

The Three Wise Goats which is the common Mbuzi Gang alias truly is the only music group in Kenya with so much music creativity and versatility. The trio gang has made an anthem that’s going to set them a bar higher than all the others artists right now, in the song after jamming chorus Joefes lands the second verse followed by Iphoolish.

Fathermoh, Joefes and Iphoolish have owned their sound and have a way of coordinating their roles in each of their songs. From all their music reviews, there is not a single song that has been a flop.

You are missing on alot if you haven’t listened to Kelele, go and check it out on YouTube. Stream via the link below

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