Babu Owino Slams Government on Wig Taxes

Babu Owino Slams Government on Wig Taxes

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino has come out to trash the Government for what he calls unnecessary taxes. In a video shared on Twitter on Sunday, May 7, the MP claimed that the current Kenya Kwanza government was exhausting Kenyans with their numerous taxes.

“I want to tell you confidently that the government has lost direction. This government is now taxing everything. Right now they are taxing the wigs, the weaves, the nail polish, artificial eyebrows, and even the beards that is making young men look more handsome,” he started.

Babu Owino claimed that Kenyan ladies are the best tourist attraction in the country. He said that most of our ladies could not afford the wigs and other beautifying elements. Babu Owino noted that this would affect our income as a country.

” Everything is being taxed. They are taxing food, they are taxing clothes, they are taxing schools. Very soon children will stop going to school,” Owino mentioned. He explained that the whole situation was not in favor of the heavy taxaton that Kenyans were going through at the moment.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino.

The MP also noted that very soon the government would cause men to walk without boxers due to the heavy tax duty on clothes. He revealed that even though it is wrong to walk naked, some of the taxes proposed by the new government would inhibit some men from affording clothing, especially underwear.

Babu Owino also touched on the Shakahola massacre terming it as an unfortunate incident. He alleged that the followers of Pastor Paul Mackenzie who were stuck in the forest fasting, might have been affected by the taxation too.


The Legislator moved that the government needed checking before it went all out and hunted Kenyans for more taxes. He asked Kenyans to be vigilant in rejecting taxes that were not meant to benefit them in the long-run.

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