Uncovering the Mystery of Jane Mwende’s Murder

Uncovering the Mystery of Jane Mwende’s Murder

In a recent revelation by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the gruesome fate of hairdresser Jane Mwende, who was found dead in a pit latrine, has been detailed.

The DCI successfully apprehended the prime suspect, Phyllis Nzula Mbithi, who was captured on a Namanga-bound bus on Saturday, October 28. Shockingly, it was disclosed that Phyllis Nzula Mbithi was the mastermind behind Jane Mwende’s murder, using a deceitful plan to lure her to her demise.

The apprehension of the primary suspect marked the end of a weeks-long evasion of justice in Jane Mwende’s murder case. The female suspect was finally caught on that fateful Saturday.

The DCI, in an official statement, revealed that Phyllis Nzula Mbithi, the central figure in this tragic incident, was the brains behind the heinous murder of the hairdresser.

The day of Jane Mwende’s death took a dark turn as Mbithi allegedly used Mwende’s neighbor, Faith Nthenya, to deceive her into visiting the main suspect’s residence, where the cold-blooded murder transpired.

In a disturbing twist, Mbithi had previously threatened the hairdresser, pressuring her to stay away from a married man they were both involved with. Faith Nthenya, the neighbor who played a crucial role, directed Mwende to Mbithi’s house, deceitfully claiming they were customers seeking hair services.

Wanza, who had confronted Mbithi about her affair with Mulwa days earlier, decided to shift the blame onto Mwende to protect herself. Inside the house, Phyllis and Wanza subjected the hairdresser to violence, issuing threats and demanding she stay away from Mulwa.

Fearing that Mwende might report the harassment to the police, the two women resorted to murder to cover their tracks. According to the DCI’s report, they heinously strangled her with a bedsheet, while Faith, the neighbor, suffocated her with pieces of cloth to stifle any potential screams.

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