Why Carrie Wahu is Trending on Kenyan Twitter

Why Carrie Wahu is Trending on Kenyan Twitter

The influencer has been the talk of town since midmorning after Kenyans on Twitter noticed she was on an advertisement. Carrie Wahu on Tuesday, November 22, appeared on posters advertising the medical company MY DAWA.

This sent Kenyans into a frenzy as they started commenting about the advertisement. Most KOT fanatics had their own opinion about the socialite with mixed reactions spewing all over the platform.

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans on Twitter:

Lewis said: whole country about to overdose on Brufen oh my god

Naisula said: Honestly if you have anything other than love and light to speak on Carrie Wahu you’re such a hater. Rest.


Ramzy said: Carrie Wahu selling dawas when she looks like the antidote. You can’t even hate…


returnofugly said: kaswende people using that carrie wahu post as an excuse to seek medication lmao

Ramesh said: The same country that gave birth to Queen Lupita, gave birth to Azziad Nasenya, also gave birth to Carrie Wahu…beauty lives here!

It seems like more Kenyans were loving the beauty that was presented by the MY DAWA team with subtle jokes of getting sick just to get closer to the stunning influencer.

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