After Being Featured on Khali Cartel, What Next?

After Being Featured on Khali Cartel, What Next?

There have been discussions this week concerning artists that have been featured in Khaligraph Jones’s Khali Cartel series. Most of the artists featured have been low-key sometimes getting out of the limelight.

Khali Cartel was started with the intention to identify the best rappers in the country while appreciating them too. It was a stepping stone, a way to get into the mainstream.

The discussion started on Twitter and found itself on Facebook with rappers and Hip Hop heads asking what happens after a rapper is featured on the series.

We have seen Breeder LW as probably one of the most successful artists to come out of the series and survive the challenges in the Kenyan entertainment industry. Breeder LW has gone ahead and established himself as one of the best rappers in the country right now.

Rekless being involved in the third series was also a plus for him even though he was already making hits in the Gengetone world. Katapilla also featured in the fourth and second series but according to some fans he has been on the low-down for a beat.

After last year’s Odinare Challenge, fans figured he would be all over the media right now but that has not been the case. The rapper is, however, putting in work and has had massive success ever since.

Silverstone Barz impressed on the third series and she is doing so good in the industry now getting features from the group of the moment, Buruklyn Boyz among others.

The list of rappers goes on but what we have to understand is that Khali Cartel is like any other platform. The work you put in after is up to you as a rapper. If you don’t go mainstream, it’s on you.

The industry, especially in Kenya, needs so much work and if you are not willing to follow up, then you will have fans complaining like they have been doing this week.

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