How To Watch the Qatar FIFA World Cup at Work in Kenya

How To Watch the Qatar FIFA World Cup at Work in Kenya

The Qatar World Cup has some challenges, especially for working Kenyans. It is a lot different from the one in Brazil where we had to get up in the middle of the night just to watch football. The games started on Sunday, November 20 with the host nation Qatar losing to Ecuador by 2 goals to nil.

England and Iran were next in line with the Brits beating the Iranians 6-2. African giants Senegal took the stage on Monday evening and narrowly lost by 2 goals to the Netherlands. United States of America drew 1-1 with Wales in the day’s final game.

Saudi Arabia and favorites Argentina are taking the stage right now with the game being played at 1 PM Kenyan time. This is particularly hard for working Kenyans as they have to juggle between watching Messi magic with work.

Here are a few ways you could watch the game while at work:

  1. Toilet

It was a wild idea that was suggested to me yesterday before the England game. The game came on at 4PM and most of us were still at work. It was one hour before the official clocking out time and it proved a challenge. My colleague ended up in the toilet for the whole 45 minutes of the first half before he rushed home to finish the second.

2. Computer Tabs

Keep your work tabs open at all times. In case the supervisor or manager is walking around, you can easily switch between tabs and pretend like you were not watching Di Maria nutmeg a Saudi.

3. Finish Workload

If you have a set amount of work you are supposed to do per day, you can set a timer for that. Give yourself 5 hours of serious work with no distractions so that when the clock hits 1PM you practically have nothing else to do than stream in.

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