Achraf Hakimi’s Messy Divorce Makes Global News After Court Finds Out He’s ‘Broke’

Achraf Hakimi, a Moroccan professional footballer who plays for Paris Saint Germain and the Moroccan national football team has attracted global attention after his wife discovered that he did not own any property or money despite earning millions of euros.

Hakimi’s wife, Hiba Abouk, made this discovery during their ongoing divorce proceedings, where she had requested half of their combined assets.She was shocked to learn that Hakimi had put all his properties and money in his mother’s name.


Whenever he needed anything, he would ask his mother to purchase it for him, and his homes, cars, clothes, and jewelry were all registered under her name. His mother’s accounts received millions of euros in salary deposits, and 80% of his assets were registered in her name.

The couple began dating in 2018, married in 2020, and have two children. In March 2023, Hiba filed for divorce. Hakimi’s decision to not register his wealth in his name has received mixed reactions, with some praising him for being “smart” and others criticizing him and his mother.

However, Hakimi is facing additional challenges, he was recently questioned by investigators regarding rape allegations. An investigating judge indicted him and put him under judicial supervision. A 24-year-old woman accused Hakimi of raping her at his home in a Paris suburb while his wife was on vacation with their children. While he has not been found guilty of the charges, the allegations have damaged his reputation and added a new dimension to the ongoing divorce proceedings.


It is unclear why Hakimi chose to register all his wealth in his mother’s name. Some speculate that he did it to protect his assets from potential creditors or to avoid paying taxes. Others believe that it was a cultural practice, as many people from Morocco tend to keep their wealth within the family.

His soon to be ex wife Spanish actress Hiba Abouk who is of Libyan and Tunisian descent, might be missing out on the footballer’s assets, but she’s not struggling herself, since she has a stable career and money of her own.

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