UDA MPs Reveal Plan to Scrap Presidential Term Limit

UDA MPs Reveal Plan to Scrap Presidential Term Limit

Ruling party United Democratic Alliance (UDA) MPs have revealed a plan to extend the presidential term limit. Fafi MP Salah Yakub on Tuesday, November 8, said UDA MPs were currently working on a constitutional amendment Bill to change the Constitution to scrap the two-term presidential limit.

UDA MPs want a motion in parliament to remove the presidential term limit and replace it with age limit of 75. This means that the president would be allowed to run for as many times as they can as long as they were below that age.

This new motion brought a lot of uproar among Kenyans who termed the new government as getting dictatorial.

Leaders, however, came up in defense of the government led by Kakamega Senator Bony Khalwale. Boni Khalwale refuted claims by Fafi MP that a section of UDA MPs are planning to amend the Constitution to extend President Ruto’s term.

Kenyans as usual took to the streets of Twitter to express their opinions. Some went ahead and spoke against the proposed law. Below are some comments:

UDA MPs are working on a proposal to “replace” Presidential term limits with “age”. They want to curb the age one should be barred from running at either 75 or 80. Now, after proposal, they will make it a bill, pass it in Parliament (they have numbers), then rig the referendum!


Moha said: We are now crossing over to our very own senate majority leader Aron Cheruiyot who is explaining the meaning of Fafi Mp utterances to hustlers! Take it away Aron Cheruiyot!
Nahashon Kimemia: UDA MPs seem surprised to learn that they are planning to do away with the 2-term presidential limit. They say that they are learning of such plans from Githeri media regurgitated by Azimio bloggers.

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