Swat Matire’s Upcoming Song “Bad Girl” Is Definately a Crowd Mover

Swat Matire’s Upcoming Song “Bad Girl” Is Definately a Crowd Mover

Kenyan artist Swat Matire has announced his upcoming song “Bad Girl,” featuring Fathermoh and Shekina Karen, and fans cannot wait to hear what this trio has in store for them. Swat Matire and Fathermoh are both signees of the popular record label Black Market Records, while Shekina Karen has earned a reputation for her exceptional rapping skills.

“Bad Girl” is anticipated to be a crowd mover song, with Swat Matire and his colleagues known for producing hit after hit. Swat Matire’s most recent release, “Finyo,” has been received positively by fans and music critics alike, and the announcement of his next song is already causing a buzz in the industry.

Swat Matire’s success story is an inspiring one, having started from humble beginnings and working his way up to become one of the most sought-after artists in Kenya. His music is loved for its relatable lyrics and unique blend of genres, including Gengetone, HipHop, and dancehall.

Fathermoh, on the other hand, has been making waves with his signature style, which fuses Swahili and Sheng lyrics. He is known for hits such as “DaiDai”, “Kaskie Vibaya”and “Miondoko,” which have earned him a loyal following.

Shekina Karen has also been making a name for herself in the industry, thanks to her lyrical prowess and unique flow. She has collaborated with a few artists under the record label and has several hits under her belt.

“Bad Girl” promises to be a classic, with the trio’s individual strengths coming together to create something truly unique. The song is expected to showcase Swat Matire’s smooth vocals, Fathermoh’s catchy lyrics, and Shekina Karen’s exceptional flow.

In conclusion, Kenyan music fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Swat Matire’s upcoming song “Bad Girl,” featuring Fathermoh and Shekina Karen. The trio is known for producing hit after hit, and “Bad Girl” promises to be no exception. With its unique blend of genres and exceptional talent, this song is sure to be a crowd mover and a classic for years to come.

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