Tuff Wars! Nonini Versus Clemmo

Tuff Wars! Nonini Versus Clemmo

Online wars have just turned ugly as Kenyan producers come for artists’ necks. The current “beef” between Nonini and Clemmo is just another feud involving artists and producers.

Nonini and Clemmo got fans divided early on Thursday, April 13, when some of the comments they made felt like they were beefing. Clemmo mentioned that the track “We Kamu” was his idea and that the whole song belonged to him.

“Someone was paid for work that I did. Uliskia mahali popote Clemmo aki mention-iwa?” Clemmo claimed. He noted that other producers were coming up and things would be only worse for them. He even mentioned that his son was a budding producer and that he would probably go through the same thing.

Nonini on the other hand shared the video on his timeline of Clemmo shaming him for not sharing the Ksh 1 million suit that he had won for the song.

“Ignorance sometimes huwa Mbaya: Ngojeni kwanza nimalizane na influencer and the company then nikuje ni deal na hii ufala yenyu,” Nonini said. He said that he would only deal with the matter once the copyright case was settled.

This comes after an Influencer by the name Brian Mutinda was directed to pay up after what was concluded as a copyright breach on Nonini. The song was used in a commercial done by Mutinda for an electronics company he worked for.

The case was taken to court after the artist asked the influencer to pull down the advert several times with no success.

This rift between Nonini and Clemmo comes at a time when Hip Hop group Wakadinali are also going through the same thing with their producer. This has even led to some of their songs being pulled down from YouTube.

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