Rapper Kanambo Dede Heads back to School

Rapper Kanambo Dede Heads back to School

Kaka Empire signee and rapper Kanambo Dede has decided to head back to school. According to a post done by his boss King Kaka on Tuesday, July 12, the rapper revealed that she was resuming her studies.

The photo posted by King Kaka showed Dede in a blue skirt and white shirt covered by a blue sweater. This ensemble made up her school uniform.

She was being accompanied by King Kaka and his wife Nana Owiti as she looked happy to be going back to school.

The rapper was discovered after a clip she was recorded rapping went viral and attracted the attention of many Kenyans. This led to Kaka Empire boss King Kaka bringing her into his fold.

The two worked together and it led to Kanambo Dede recording a couple of songs with the sensational upcoming rapper.

Her song Walahi which she recorded under Kaka Empire told the story of her life and how she ended up leaving school to stay with her child. She was in Form One when she got pregnant and had to return to Kayole to stay with her mother.

The song laid the foundation for her other single One Day that was released two months ago and has been a favorite for Hip Hop heads.

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