Mejja’s and Amber Ray’s Exes crowned: Exes of the year

Mejja’s and Amber Ray’s Exes crowned: Exes of the year

Exes can really be a pain in the neck mostly when they are still plugged in the broken relationship. We have seen and continue to see alot of desperate and bitter ex lovers hovering around despite the claims of moving on.

This is mostly stirred up by their several posts by as they try to rebuke the ex lovers or accuse them for their past behaviors. With this, the netizens have created a list of two conspicuous ex’s who seem to be still hooked In the relationship.

At position one is Amber Ray’s ex, who more than boldly is still into her. It has become a daily dose for us to wake up to his lamentations and accusations. The Sierra Leon’s basket baller has been in pain and frustration over their heartbreak.

This has not stopped the beautiful socialite from getting on with the new catch. He tells the netizens to be aware of heart breakers and gold diggers out here. To be careful of who they expose themselves to and in whom their invest on. Is it really a warning or is he still looped?

Next in line is the ex to the sensational hit maker Mejja Mgenge. Last year was a difficult one for our loved musician as he sorrowfully separated with his ex.

Mejja went on to beg her to come back to his life and drop down the show. He also added that this was a result of her listening to her friends rather than reasoning out with him.

Despite the public display of affection and apology, his ex turned him down. It has come to the public notice that he has moved on and now his ex is not happy about it. Her posts and weird comments keep catching our attention and definitely she is not over Mejja.

Netizens are supper commentators and as a result hey have been crowned the exes of the year cause honestly, they are not giving us a break. People have gone on to advise them to try and forget them and if not, to atleast keep their names out of their keyboards for their good

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