Kaveve Kazoze From Viral Triumph to Unkept Promises -The Struggle of Spider Clan in Gengetone

Kaveve Kazoze From Viral Triumph to Unkept Promises -The Struggle of Spider Clan in Gengetone


Kaveve Kazoze, the musical sensation behind the hit song ‘Cash Crop za Nyandarua,’ soared to stardom with over 4 million views on YouTube. However, the spotlight hasn’t translated into benefits for the Spider Clan, the group behind the viral tune.

In a candid interview on Jalango TV, they revealed the challenges they’ve faced despite the song’s success.

The group disclosed that promises of financial support, including a pledged 5 million donation, remain unfulfilled. Even commitments for jobs fell through, leaving the members, such as Paul the manager and others like Banguz, Mosree, Ngesh, and Mguzu, grappling with the harsh reality of unemployment.

“Maisha imekuwa ngumu,” Paul lamented, highlighting their current struggles.

Despite growing up together as Naivasha residents and releasing subsequent songs, the group hasn’t replicated the success of their viral hit.

As they hold onto hopes that promises will eventually materialize, they’ve resorted to job hunting to make ends meet. The members showcased their determination by sharing their CVs, emphasizing their commitment to securing employment in the face of uncertainty.

Ngesh, the most prominent member of the group, expressed her disappointment separately. Quitting her job selling clothes in town, she narrated the challenges of dealing with public perceptions of wealth.

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko gifts spider clan after getting informed of their struggle in the music industry

Spider clan gengetone group with Mike Sonko

With her rendition of the song garnering 348k views, she shared her determination to persevere through tough times. The group’s official song, released six months ago, continues to accumulate views, but their journey reflects the harsh reality faced by many in the Gengetone music scene.

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