Josephyl ft GJB100 Release Catchy Amapiano Hit ‘God’s Plan (Shine)’

Josephyl ft GJB100 Release Catchy Amapiano Hit ‘God’s Plan (Shine)’

The amapiano genre has been taking the world by storm, with its catchy beats and unique South African roots. The latest release to join the ranks is Josephyl’s “God’s Plan (Shine)”, featuring GJB100. Available on both Spotify and Boomplay, the track is quickly gaining popularity and cementing the artists’ names on a global scale.

Josephyl, who is signed under Black Market Records, has been making waves in the music scene with his distinct blend of amapiano and Afro-house sounds. “God’s Plan (Shine)” is no exception, with its upbeat tempo and infectious melody. It’s the kind of track that you can have on repeat for hours and never get tired of.

The collaboration with GJB100 adds a fresh element to the track, with his smooth vocals adding to the already catchy tune. The lyrics also speak to the universal theme of shining and reaching for one’s dreams, making it relatable to listeners worldwide.

As amapiano continues to gain popularity globally, tracks like “God’s Plan (Shine)” are helping to showcase the talents of South African artists to a wider audience. With Josephyl and GJB100 at the helm, this latest release is sure to be a hit and leave fans eagerly anticipating what’s next from these rising stars.

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