Iyanii tour in congo leaves Kenyans speechless

Iyanii tour in congo leaves Kenyans speechless

The Pombe hit maker Iyanii has been spotted in Congo. This is a very great move for his music career as it goes on to show his wide fun base and the love of his art. This young talented man got himself this big name after the release of this particular banger dubbed ‘Furaha’ then followed by ‘Furaha’.

He later went on to do a remix which featured several big names in the entertainment industry, the likea of Arrow Bwoy, Kristoff, Nadia Mukami, Dogo Janja and Extray Taniua.

Iyanii is semeengly growing his craft on the daily and this particular song continues to give mileage since it doesn’t seem to run out of taste. Since the Pombe dropped he has kept us entertained back to back with other great songs that are on his catalog right now.

Trust you me all his music are worth your time and listen so never hesitate to check out Iyanii musi on all the streaming platforms.

Seeing one of our own being embaraced in another country with so much love and support is so overwhelming. This should be a wake up call to all artist that music is an international business and artists should not be rooted to making music only Kenyans.

The joy on the Congolese faces and reception was more than visible, some critics are saying Kenyans doesn’t appreciate and show him that much love. His tour there was a symbol is f how much love he’s got and the popularity he’s gained besides just fame.

Kenyan artists on the other seemed surprised by this move and are on the look out to getting more shows locally to keep up with Iyanii’s moves. The netizens are looking forward to more of his big steps and more than willing to support his art.

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