From Ringtone to Blingtone, Ringtone changes Tune

From Ringtone to Blingtone, Ringtone changes Tune

Gospel singer Ringtone has officially launched his secular career. According to a report he gave the media on Saturday, July 17, the singer reported that he had left the gospel industry and was officially launching his secular music career.

“Nimewaita hapa leo kuwaambia that nimeacha gospel music na nataka kuanza kuimba nyimbo za ma love love,” Ringtone said.

He revealed that he was also planning on changing his stage name from Ringtone to Blingtone. He showed up to the press conference dressed in a blue vest and had jewelry around his neck.

Ringtone also mentioned that he was ready for any competition that would come for him as he was new to the secular industry. He revealed that he was excited about the move and would even try his hand at signing other artists.

The ‘Sisi ndio Tuko’ hitmaker mentioned that Bahati and his wife Diana were some of the artists that he was capable of signing.

Ringtone announced that he was leaving the gospel industry two weeks ago saying that it was about time he made a change in his career. “Wale wanaimba wimbo za mapenzi wasiniogope vile nimekuja huko, tutafanya kazi pamoja kusaidia muziki wetu ufike mahali hujafika,” the singer noted.


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