Namna Gani? Kilifi MCA Exposed in Steamy Social Media post

Namna Gani? Kilifi MCA Exposed in Steamy Social Media post

A social Media Blunder has exposed an MCA in Kilifi as the innocent man was caught red handed In a steamy affair. The innocent photo posted online made matters worse for the MCA as he did not check the background of the photo.


Everyone wants to capture moments, beautiful moments and share with people close and a far. And with the combination of camera- and internet-equipped smartphones, social media and good ol’ fashioned human nature has been making it easier than ever to accidentally broadcast your most intimate moments (and areas) to the world.


However, some social media accidents can grab you on the neck and many are times put a question on ones reputation.


This is just evident as Kilifi nominated MCA representing the marginalized community, Hon. Justine Rafiki Kaingu dashes a New Year selfie with a stunning “goldie” in the background.


In a photo that he shared on his socials, displays a woman ‘undressed’ at the background which again leads many people with questions whether she’s ‘Mheshimiwa’ new year gift or the other rib.


Hon. Justine Rafiki’s photo with a challenging background element!


Hon. Rafiki who published the photos may seem not to have cared much about the elements in his gallery basket and straightly published them. But socials got eyes, wide eyes.



Hon. Justine Rafiki


As much not anticipated from the public a lot of questions are running in the minds any luck individual who may have come across such images. But si ni life?


Indeed social media can enjoy you sometimes as you enjoy your beautiful moments.





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