El Yoking releases visuals to his song ‘Oh Pank’

El Yoking releases visuals to his song ‘Oh Pank’

The long awaited music from El Yoking just came out a few hours ago, the single dubbed ‘Oh Pank’ is a certified trend. The song has got the club banger vibes infused with danceable beats that really sounds good.

You can’t resist but nod to the beat of this song as it plays, Oh Pank is a crowd mover tune and the way El Yoking sang on this song makes it a global hit. The Cuban music industry should take notes from him, now that his sound has taken over the airwaves.

Black Market Records has proved once again that their artists are the best performing globally, credited for their fashionable skills and marketing approaches. El Yoking is the current artist to watch out for, his music can never tire you.

Oh Pank is an example of what a hit song should really sound like, this song is way too bigger and should be on airplay everywhere with all the attention. Slowly he is taking over the international market too, let’s see how that goes.

El Yoking

In the meantime rush and check out Oh Pank, it’s available on all digital music streaming platforms. Watch on YouTube via the link below

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