DP William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza team storms Mtwapa Kilifi County

DP William Ruto and his Kenya Kwanza team storms Mtwapa Kilifi County

Deputy President William Ruto over the recent days has been camping in his various stronghold counties in the bid to expand his political base.

His entry today in Mtwapa Kilifi county left a remarkable history, the mega rally campaign saw people turn up in crowds to give the aspiring presidential candidate William Ruto an assuring support.

Mtwapa Kilifi County Residents received the Deputy President with so much love. During his speech, he addressed different topics and made promises to raise their standards of living and provide more opportunities to the locals.

He went on to promise that he will allocate Ksh 100 Billion to help economically, Ksh 150 million to Mama Mbogas, Ksh 50 Billion to the suppressed to fund the youths to become independent and get job opportunities.

DP reinstated that his government will keep their promises and fund these enterprises. William Ruto went on to stress on the keyword ‘Kazi ni Kazi’, urging the local to give him full support to see these changes take place.

Go and chech out his full speech here WATCH HERE

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