DJ Bash Goes On A Twitter Rant Over Music Selection

DJ Bash Goes On A Twitter Rant Over Music Selection

Homeboyz Radio DJ Bash did not leave anything to spare when he went full Mike Tyson on his Twitter followers. Bash took off his gloves and lit up his account attacking those who came after him over opinions he had made.

Wewe mcheshi wa charts!! How many Kenyan DJs were in that club that didn’t play Kenyan music for 2 hours? I only picked one streaming site to show you that the problem is the listeners not the DJ and you come here with your stupid charts! Sit this one out.

The DJ addressed claims that he was only playing music that was not from the country and favored foreign music. Bash defended himself by saying he only played good music.

Endeni sasa mkani-discuss kwa hizo WhatsApp groups zenyu coz you don’t have the balls to say what you have to say in public.

He even pointed out that most of his fans were the ones requesting foreign music to be played at the same clubs they were complaining about.

You would know I #PlayKe music if you listened to my show once in a while. But Wewe ni nani? Huwezi support DJ. Ni mziki tu yako unataka tucheze. I tweet one of you asking to be their DJ… not even a full stop for a response, Hata kusema tu “No, you can’t”juu vile yeye ni star

He even stressed that him being a Kenyan Dj did not mean that he was required to play Kenyan music.

Just because am a Kenyan DJ, doesn’t mean am obligated to play Kenyan Music all the time (and by the way, I do, even have a Kenyan show every Tuesday) you would know if you listen to my show once in a while. Oh wait, I forgot, the law is SUPPORT KENYAN ARTIST, not Kenyan DJ. NKT

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