Add “Show Me” song by Thee Exit Band on your playlist across all DSPs

Add “Show Me” song by Thee Exit Band on your playlist across all DSPs

Are you ready to hit the dance floor? Look no further than “Show Me,” the sizzling new track by Thee Exit Band, featuring the fiery verses of Fathermoh and the electrifying presence of TikTok sensation, Collo Blue. This collaboration promises to be the ultimate groove-inducing anthem that’ll get your feet moving in no time.

The magic begins with Thee Exit Band’s catchy hooks and choruses, setting the stage for Fathermoh to unleash his lyrical prowess. But the real surprise comes after the second chorus when Collo Blue steps in, paying homage to TikTok’s most popular challenges, from Sherra to Miondoko, Bazokizo to Chun Li, and many more. It’s a delightful blend of music and dance, showcasing the versatility of these talented artists.

What’s even more thrilling is the pre-release buzz. “Show Me” has been creating waves on TikTok, with an enticing #ShowMeHowYouDo challenge that’s gaining momentum. The energy is infectious, thanks to the captivating chants and the beats crafted by Vic West. We can’t help but wonder what kind of explosive video these artists will whip up.

In the meantime, keep the party spirit alive by streaming “Show Me” by Thee Exit Band, Fathermoh, and Collo Blue on your favorite digital platforms. Let’s celebrate their unique blend of music and dance and support these incredible artists as they bring the year’s hottest dance track to life!

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