Wangeci Drops Her Much Anticipated Emotional Gangster Album

Wangeci Drops Her Much Anticipated Emotional Gangster Album

Rapper Wangeci is back again with a work of art just a year after she released Chonjo, a joint project with Wakadinali’s Scar. Wangeci is set to officially release her new album Emotional Gangster today.

The rapper announced on September 5th that she would be dropping another album after the massive success of Chonjo. Wangeci had already released a track from the album, a collaboration she did with Buruklyn Boyz.

The album currently has ten tracks, according to a list she shared about a week ago. The seven tracks include some notable names such as Mombasa’s heavyweight rapper Kaa La Moto. Wangeci has also picked another member of Wakadinali, Munga, who appears on track number two.

The official tracklist of Wangeci’s new album dropping Friday, September 15.

Wangeci dropped Chonjo, a joint album with Scar Mkadinali last year. The album gave her the much needed energy to come back into the industry after what seemed like a long hiatus. The rapper went on to have major success with hits such as Lip Service, a song she was recruited by Femi One to rap in.

Mzigo, the track with Buruklyn Boyz, also continued to draw fans’ attention to her. Collaborating with the hottest Kenyan drill group gave her a platform to establish herself as one of the best female rappers in the country.

We can’t wait to have a feel of the album once it officially gets on all streaming platforms.

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