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Wajackoyah Endorses Raila Presidency

Wajackoyah Endorses Raila Presidency

Presidential candidate and Roots Party leader George Wajackoyah has endorsed Azimio Party leader Raila Odinga. Speaking on Wednesday, August 3, Wajackoyah declared that he was supporting Raila Odinga.

In a clip that was shared by NTV, Wajackoyah stated that he had finally resorted to supporting Raila Odinga in the upcoming elections.

Wajackoyah said this confirming what had been rumored of his undying admiration for the ODM party leader. He slammed William Ruto for pretending to cry to attract votes.

He spoke to a large excited group who cheered him on as he declared his support for the Azimio presidential candidate.

Wajackoyah was vying on the Roots Party ticket and had promised that he would go all the way to the ballot.

With less than 5 days remaining to the general elections to be held on Tuesday, August 9, 2022, this change could shift the multitude of voters that were supposed to vote for him.

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