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Vic West questions about his tribe remains a mystery

Vic West questions about his tribe remains a mystery

Audiomack recently released a list of the top 10 artists you should know right now, and one of the names that made the cut is Vic West.

With his biggest song, “Kuna Kuna,” Vic West has gained recognition in the Kenyan music industry. However, there’s a question that’s been floating around – is Vic West really “Kisii”?

In a recent Instagram post, Vic West shared a message with his fans, asking them to guess his ethnic tribe. This post came after some fans had labeled him as Kisii, which Vic West found amusing.

This situation highlights a common challenge in Kenya – it’s not always easy to tell which tribe an artist belongs to.

Kenya is a diverse country, with over 40 different tribes. Each tribe has its unique culture and language, which can make it difficult for outsiders to identify someone’s tribe.

In the music industry, this can lead to artists being mislabeled or misunderstood.

For Vic West, his being Kenyan is a point of pride, and he wants his fans to know that we are all from the same motherland. Vic West is known for its vibrant music and dance traditions.

By sharing this information with his fans, Vic West hopes to connect with them on a deeper level and showcase the diversity of Kenya’s music industry.

Beyond his tribe, Vic West’s music has been making waves in the industry. His hit song “Kuna Kuna” has been a fan favorite, and his unique blend of afrobeat and dancehall has set him apart from other artists.

With his talent and determination, it’s clear that Vic West is an artist to watch out for in the coming years.

In conclusion, while it may be challenging to identify an artist’s tribe in Kenya, it’s important to celebrate and embrace the diversity that exists in the country’s music industry.

Vic West is just one example of the talented artists who are making waves in the industry and breaking down barriers. As his star continues to rise, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for his fans

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