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Ethic Entertainment artist Seska biggest music EP dropping soon

Ethic Entertainment artist Seska biggest music EP dropping soon

Seska is a celebrated household name in the Kenyan music scenes, his entry into the Gengetone music scene has left a remarkable contribution that is still valid to date.

The Black Market Records artists is enjoying his glorious days, making good music to entertain his fans. So this year Seska has promised to release a solo music EP that is set to drop anytime from now, the project dubbed Sugarcane EP is definitely going to be the most soughted EP after it drops.

During a quick Q&A interview with him, he gave us a disclosure that despite working solo on this EP he is still part of the renowned gengetone group Ethic Entertainment.

This project the Sugarcane EP is on top of the list of the most awaited music EP’s, with the fact that his is a skilled music guru it’s already a big win for him. Seska is a smart rapper with knowledge of the game and this EP is not only going to create havoc in the showbiz industry but put him in a different level.

Let’s all be on a stand by for the biggest anticipated music EP, in the meantime you can check out different projects from the Black Market Records artist.

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