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King Von; Top Shocking Facts About Hip Hop’s First “Serial Killer”.

King Von; Top Shocking Facts About Hip Hop’s First “Serial Killer”.

I just came from watching a hip hop episode hosted by Trap Lore Ross who covers everything regarding hip hop, but he has become famous for covering the chicago drill scene,which is the home of Drill music.

On his recent episode he aired a three hour documentary talking about the late rapper  King Von body count and what he uncovered was wild , the worst part of it was that the rapper would taunt his victims on songs, however the rapper would soon meet his demise after starting a fight with rapper Quando Rondo, which left King Von a.k.a the demon from oblock and others dead.

Today i’m here to give you some interesting facts that you didn’t know about King Von.

He was a gifted story teller,this ability to paint a vivid picture makes one think that you took part in what he was describing, his raps have been taunted as being highly energetic and mood boosters which i agree too.

His father was killed by a sniper after a deal went sour, this moment would live with king von and this impacted  how he would grow after been exposed to a gruesome murder at such a personal level.

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He put up a  KES 10M bounty on his rival and rapper Fly Boy Gang Duck and went to rap about it quote on quote “i gave out 100k , i bet they coming” this was after FBG duck dropped a malicious diss song dubbed dead bitch***s which mocked King von’s fallen soldiers. Fbg would be killed just months later by King Von’s goons who are currently in prison.

listen to the  dead bitch*s here :

He died while listening to his enemy NBA Youngboy, in a twisted fate king von was beefing with young  boy but on the day he  died a video surfaced showing that he was listening to Nba , and would also by NBA Youngboy affiliated artist Quando Rondo, who had nothing to do with the beef.

King Von would tragically die after dodging his security ,he changed plans to head home after coming from club appearance, and instead opted to make a dash for a hookah lounge, this proved fatal for the platinum selling rapper as he would be killed just minutes after arriving ,the saddest thing was that the rapper had just began and died before hitting his prime.

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