Thee Exit Band song ‘Love’ is the biggest tune right now in East Africa

Thee Exit Band song ‘Love’ is the biggest tune right now in East Africa

The story of love has been told countless times, and no matter how many times we hear it, we still craze for more, and Thee Exit Band just knew how to deliver to our satisfaction on their latest single ‘Love’.

They are right now Kenya’s most promising band with the huge die-hard listeners from all parts of the country. From the start of this year till date, they have already given us countless number of great hits and have paved more ways for the Kenyan music to the international scenes.

Black Market Records recording artists Thee Exit Band, delivered to their perfection on this song and spoke for every person who is out there who has ever been in love.

This song serves as a reminder that good music still exists, touching on love and affection cutting across all generations.

Love is a song that glorifies the beauty of a woman and tells the story of the ups and downs people go through in relationships.To get the full of gist of what the song is really about rush to YouTube and check it out.

Stream via the link below

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