The Call to Repentance: Ng’ang’a Urges Eric Omondi to Embrace His Prophetic Gift

The Call to Repentance: Ng’ang’a Urges Eric Omondi to Embrace His Prophetic Gift

In a recent video shared on Instagram, veteran comedian and man of God, Ng’ang’a, had some powerful words for comedian Eric Omondi. Ng’ang’a urged Eric to repent, as he believed that there was a prophet within him.

Despite not having a fondness for Eric initially, Ng’ang’a stated that after hearing Eric speak about the gospel industry, he re-evaluated his view of him. Ng’ang’a believes that God was speaking through Eric and that he has a strong preaching ability.

Ng’ang’a encouraged those close to Eric to tell him that he has a great ministry within him and that he needs to stop seeking fame and attention. He mentioned that he had seen Eric speak and that he was not the same person he knew, but rather a prophet speaking through him.


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Ng’ang’a also stated that he had gone through his own struggles and falls in the past, and that he could understand anything Eric may be going through.

Additionally, Ng’ang’a validated Eric’s claims about the negative impact that some gospel artists have had on the church, bringing prostitution into it and affecting many people. He acknowledged that Eric has a powerful service and wished that he could experience it for himself.

In conclusion, Ng’ang’a’s words were a powerful message to Eric and to those who listen. He encouraged Eric to embrace his prophetic ability and to stop seeking fame and attention. He also acknowledged the struggles and falls that people go through and emphasized the importance of supporting each other.

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