Spotify celebrating the group Them Mushrooms 50 years with Mbuzi Gang

Spotify celebrating the group Them Mushrooms 50 years with Mbuzi Gang

If you grew up in the 80s’ and 90’s then you probably know who ‘Them Mushrooms’ are, but if you don’t know them by name, then you definitely have heard of their hit songs such as ‘Jambo Bwana’ which bears the most famous kenyan phrase ‘Hakuna Matata’.

The Kenyan legendary group was formed back in 1969 as ‘Avenida Success’ and later renamed ‘Them Mushrooms’ in 1972. They got their name from the mystical mushroom species that grows throughout the African rainforests. Their genre of music consists of mostly Chakacha, Benga, Taarab and a little bit of reggae.

‘Them Mushrooms’ are said to be Kenya’s oldest band, and as they commemorate their 50th birthday this year, spotify has stepped in, to give them thier flowers while they are still here.

Over the next few weeks, Spotify Africa will be posting fan facts about the iconic band on their socials. For Gen-Z, who quite can’t relate with ‘Them Mushrooms’ they don’t have to feel left out since Black Market Record’s group, Mbuzi gang, are part of the artists that are coming together to help ‘Them Mushrooms’ celebrate their 50 years.
Mbuzi gang are one of the biggest Gengetone groups in Kenya, consisting of Joefes, Fathermore and Iphoolish.

Since their inception, they have been working day and night to push thier craft while releasing hit songs back to back with their latest one being ‘Miondoko’ featuring Ricco gang.

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