Size 8 Defends Her Demon Casting Antics

Size 8 Defends Her Demon Casting Antics

Pastor Size 8 has come out to defend what Kenyans are calling dramatics when it comes to her demon-castings. The singer cum pastor addressed the issue on Sunday, November 20, when she was interviewed by YouTuber Eve Mungai.

“I’m not the first one. Even TD Jakes did the other day pia yeye akaletwa juu,” Size 8 said while she defended herself assuring that her miracles were true.

“There was a lady who came. She could not walk, but she walked,” the singer noted. She mentioned that all the backlash she was receiving was normal.

“If you’re famous, kuna watu watakupenda na wengine hawatakupenda. It’s normal,” she clarified. Size 8 noted that she was used to people always being against whatever good she was doing.

Size 8 was reacting to Kenyans claiming that she was using the church as another clout chasing move and that all she was doing was untrue. The Mateke hitmaker had come under fire for what people continued to claim were lies.

Her husband, DJ Mo had also addressed the issue saying that his wife was doing what God had called her to do.

The singer was declared a pastor earlier this year and has continued to grace churches and crusades performing miracles. She was once a secular artist but has since made a mark in the gospel industry rising into a pastor.

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