Rico Gang’s “Bariki Mzinga” Gets Featured as Boomplay’s New Song of the Week

Rico Gang’s “Bariki Mzinga” Gets Featured as Boomplay’s New Song of the Week

Rico Gang, a fast-rising Kenyan music group signed to Black Market Records, has just earned a well-deserved recognition from the music streaming platform, Boomplay.

The group’s latest hit single, “Bariki Mzinga,” has been selected as the new song of the week on the platform, further cementing their position as one of the most promising acts in the Kenyan music scene.

The group is known for their unique style of music, which is a blend of hip-hop and dancehall with a local twist. Their catchy beats and lyrics have earned them a growing fan base, especially among the youth in Kenya.

“Bariki Mzinga” is a perfect representation of the group’s sound and style. The song is a celebration of success and hard work.

The song’s beat is also a testament to the group’s creativity and talent. The heavy bass and energetic rhythm are sure to get anyone on their feet and dancing along.

Being featured as the new song of the week on Boomplay is a significant achievement for Rico Gang. Boomplay is the largest music streaming platform in Africa, with over 100 million users across the continent.

The platform is known for promoting African music and providing a platform for up-and-coming artists to showcase their talent.

For Rico Gang, being featured on Boomplay is not only a great opportunity to reach a wider audience but also a validation of their hard work and dedication to their craft.

The group has been on the rise since they burst onto the scene in 2018, and this latest recognition is a testament to their continued growth and success.

In conclusion, Rico Gang’s “Bariki Mzinga” is a great addition to the Kenyan music scene, and being featured as Boomplay’s new song of the week is a well-deserved recognition for the group’s talent and hard work.

As the group continues to rise and make a name for themselves in the industry, it is clear that they have a bright future ahead of them.

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