Pochi La Biashara: Nairobi Women Exposed for Paying Uber with Sex

Pochi La Biashara: Nairobi Women Exposed for Paying Uber with Sex

If you are a member of the ever explosive Kenyans on Twitter, You have probably come across this story. Apparently, there are a few women in the capital Nairobi, paying for their Uber fees with sex. According to a thread that was shared via the platform, a conversation showed how Uber drivers were getting paid after their services.

One confession read:

Hee Murehi I’m guilty. Kuna siku nlikuwa natoka westie, muregi aki I had not been laid for months, so we kinda started flirting with that driver, alikuwa mbabaz. Vile nilifika nlikuwa horny, I had to tell him simlipi hadi anismash. Good thing ilikuwa usiku, we made out, got on top of him, sijaride mtu ivo. We f**ked, I paid him for the ride, na hatujaionana tena.

This was just the beginning of what would unravel as the thread went on to bring forth more information on what Uber drivers in Nairobi were going through.

“Me hubeba hawa madem my friend. On a good weekend my body count inaeza ongezeka by 3 ama 5. Sijui ni mimi hupata horny clients lakini Muregi I’m eating your girls and eating them properly,” another man confessed.

The comments continued coming in as Muregi started getting more revelations from the women themselves.

One continued,” Muregi I’ve f**ked an Uber driver once and damn I still get wet when I remember that day. I was from the club a bit tipsy going to my man’s place. That Uber driver was so hot. Like hot hot. I don’t know how but I started rubbing my cl** on my way home, he found somewhere agepark, lowered my seat, and I just remember being f**ked so hard like a slut, that night my man still f***ked me but I couldn’t get that Uber driver out of my mind.”

The other confession featured a more advanced session that ended in a threesome. The comment read, ” My first threesome ilikuwa na mtu wa Uber. I was with my bestfriend and tulikuwa so drunk. Tulianza kudarana apo nyuma kumber the guy knew what was happening, alituuliza kama atujoin. He parked shida ni the car was small lakini I don’t know how tulishughulikiwa vilivyo. ilibidi hio kiti ya mbele tumeinamisha.”

If you are dating in Nairobi, I would highly recommend that you get tested first before you can get into any form of sexual activities because wuuuuueh!!!

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