People Should Talk About Me: Vera Sidika

People Should Talk About Me: Vera Sidika

Retired socialite Vera Sidika is not going to let haters get in her face. Speaking on Kiss FM on Friday, October 14, the socialite confirmed that people are supposed to be talking about her.

Vera revealed that she liked the attention she was getting after her clout-chasing confession of reducing her backside. She claimed that she was the topic of discussion and loved every minute of it.

“I used to call my mom and cry to her asking why the blogs were writing things about me,” she noted. She then got over the scary stories from bloggers and commented that she actually enjoyed it.

“I got to a point and started enjoying it,” she confessed to an attentive Kiss FM morning radio presenter Kamene Goro.

The socialite recently had Kenyans talking about her bravery in finally undergoing surgery to reduce her big behind. She was praised for finally admitting that her backside had been fake all these years.

Vera, after getting the attention, launched her career in music by releasing a rap song. She bragged about how she had duped Kenyans into thinking that she was getting positive about her body. The new ‘rapper’ in town refuted claims that her behind was due to surgery.

She reported that she had always had a huge ass and that the only surgery she got was on her breasts. Vera also said that she had gotten her teeth fixed, and that was the only other adjustment she had made to her body.

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