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Noti Flow Apologizes For Slamming Mustapha

Noti Flow Apologizes For Slamming Mustapha

Rapper Noti Flow has come out to apologize to fellow rapper Colonel Mustapha. Posting on her Instagram on Monday, May 8, the rapper lamented that she had not known the extent of Mustapha’s suffering when she expressed herself last week.

“I’m really sorry about your mom. I honestly didn’t know at that moment. And when someone told me on the live I was deeply sorry and took back my words,” Noti Flow insisted. She mentioned that she had spoken out of spite not knowing Colonel was suffering.

The rapper continued by claiming that blogs had already span the story about the issue out of control. “But of course blogs can’t post the good part. That’s not something I’d wish on my worst enemy, and you are not my enemy,” she concluded.

Noti Flow promised that she was keeping Mustapha in her prayers and also praying for the recovery of her mother who has cancer.

Mustapha went viral last week when a video of him working at a Mjengo surfaced online. The rapper, looking all torn out, was busy shoveling and doing the most at a site that some people initially thought was his house.

After various investigations, the former Deux Vultures member was contacted and he revealed that he was in a bad situation. The rapper confirmed that he now had to do menial jobs to sustain himself and pay for his mother’s medication.

Kenyans reacted to the story by sharing the news with the rapper becoming the talk of town once again, although in a sad way.

Rappers Mustapha and Noti Flow.


Noti Flow’s negative comments came after she saw the rapper’s state and decided to ridicule him before she found out the real story. Mustapha did not respond to her but once she got the full information, she retracted her earlier statements.

She and Mustapha briefly dated while he was still at the peak of his career.

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