Miondoko song dance challenge hits 1 million views on YouTube shorts

Miondoko song dance challenge hits 1 million views on YouTube shorts

Miondoko is the current trending song with viewership coming from all around the world, the Black Market Records artists that’s Rico Gang and Mbuzi Gang sparked a magic touch on this timeless masterpiece.

The song has garnered close to half a million views on YouTube and ranked on top 50 music videos in Kenya. Both artists diversified sound on this song is what makes it a classic, the song has got the dance challenges on TikTok.

On YouTube there has also been numerous dance video submissions from fans, there is one video which blew up from the YouTube shorts and attained 1 million views. This one right here is proof of how big the song has become and how much efforts these young artists are putting into their craft to map their music to the international market.

Here is the link to the YouTube short, a dance challenge.

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