KRG The Don Warns Fans Against Approaching Him

KRG The Don Warns Fans Against Approaching Him

Buga aka KRG The Don is not liking how Kenyan fans are treating him. The singer went online on Sunday, November 6, and claimed that he did not like how he was being handled in public.

“Some Kenyan fans are really funny sometimes. Superstar ako out shughuli zake tu polepole then unaskia ati “Kuja unisalimie’,” he wondered.

The singer thought it was a little bit out of character for Kenyan fans to demand that celebrities greet them when they meet in public areas.

“Mtu anakuita anataka selfie na wewe, guys change that stone age mentality,” he expressed as he continued on his post.

KRG concluded, “Unafaa kuenda place msanii ako sio yeye akuje.” KRG was noting how his fans treat him while he is out and claimed that the roles were reversed.

He chided Kenyan fans were the ones who were supposed to come closer to the artists and ask for pictures if they wanted. He mentioned that the normal way was for fans to come and not celebrities being called to take pictures.

The singer has been quiet in the media lately but his joint podcast with Dufla Diligon gives him a platform to explain his overly dramatic life to his fans.


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