Im Never Ever Going To Broke Again Hustler Rapper Tawi Tawala Declares

Im Never Ever Going To Broke Again Hustler Rapper Tawi Tawala Declares

Kwa Streets Niko rapper Tawi Tawala is back with a new single  dubbed never going to broke, this is the artist’s first song of the year  .

Tawi  music style can be described as a polished one , that uses both fluent English & Swahili languages to not only pass a certain message but also as a flex to other rappers who think can surpass his high caliber , a challenge that in my opinion no upcoming rapper is yet to reach too.

Moreover the rapper can be described not only as a rapper but an active social activist whose songs touch on a wide array of subjects such love , depression among others ,interestingly enough Never Going To Broke calls for economic awakening to all the youths .

Whats more is  that on never going to broke rallies the youth to be aware of the importance of hustling for financial freedom as it is the gateway to access anything or everything one could ever want in life,the song can also be interpreted to be a flex to his haters who wish him bad , reminding them that he has problems but  going broke is not one of them.

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