I want to Work with Octopizzo – Katapilla

I want to Work with Octopizzo – Katapilla

Rapper Katapilla has revealed that he wants to work with Octopizzo on a collaboration. Speaking to Chonjo’s Bon Sevic, Katapilla revealed that Mr. Ohanga was the latest rapper he would love to work with.

“Kulikuwa na show huko Alchemist, sijui alikuwa ameni big up so nikashindwa kwani huyu jamaa ananijua,” Katapilla mentioned.

The rapper got motivated by that recognition and claimed that he had no issue with the number nane rapper and would love to work with him.

“I think mimi sina issue na yeye so naezapenda kupiga kazi na yeye,” Katapilla assured as he noted that he admired what Octopizzo meant to him.

Katapilla also revealed that he only paid once for a studio session. “Mimi niliangia studio na nikalipa once and after that the producer alikuwa anataka ku work na mimi,” he commented.

The rapper advised that strategy is what has kept him apart from other rappers. “Kitambo nilikuwa naaminia kurap fast but nimelearn that Kenyans wanataka u break down kwanza,” he said.

He also mentioned that it was important to know how to make commercial music, your collaborations and have a business strategy.

Katapilla also listed his dream collaborations where he had Guardian Angel, Femi One, Kristoff, Lamaz and Sautisol’s Bien.

The rapper affirmed that he had a collaboration with Femi One and Kristoff that were meant to create a buzz before he drops his upcoming album

You can watch the whole interview here

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