Feature : Hip-hop Wednesdays .

Feature : Hip-hop Wednesdays .

Bmixx Official.

He has been on his A game for over four years , first starting out as a an actor, he has evolved in an all you can go to entertainer, he has managed to work with international artist from both the African continent and  North America as well.

He has also been putting in work as he has began releasing music off his album known as the throne which he hopes to officially premier sometime this year.


Mode Yule G

The rapper who also doubles up as a teacher  hasn’t been behind either in terms of putting out music. Whether is a collaboration or doing a viral rap challenge , Mode is always up to task to show his creative side.

He is also set to drop a brand new album dubbed mode extraodinare which is due for official  release on March  date four.


Hanta the Samurai.

The award winning rapper has been busy juggling in between his packed schedule as he has a new project which he released in November , the media tours promoting his project as well as  his  show performances  which have been a little bit overwhelming but the rapper seems to have all under his control.


In a span of four weeks the rapper has toured two media houses and has been booked for  a couple of  shows one of which took place last week.


Hanta has revealed his hopes in the project “Eyes on the prize”. Adding that he is in the late stages of finalizing video shoots to the seven track which has spawned an award song “kana ka nikora”


Jey Trevor

The spoken word artist has  announced the release to his highly anticipated album The last glow , having already released two singles of the album the fans can’t wait to hear the rest of the  albums insight’s and opinion.ight’s and opinion.

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