Black Market Records in Ghana: Discover about BMR new signees Lord Baah, AGS Remedy, Khemi Tunez and Kwesi Mafia

Black Market Records in Ghana: Discover about BMR new signees Lord Baah, AGS Remedy, Khemi Tunez and Kwesi Mafia

Black Market Records (BMR) is operational in Ghana, tapping the West African music market.

The record label CEO, Cedric Singleton, previously revealed the news about their ventures in Ghana to the public, adding to the excitement already generated by BMR’s success in East Africa.

With an impressive catalog and a growing list of signed artists, BMR is quickly becoming one of the leading record labels in the region.

BMR has already made a significant impact on the music industry in East Africa that is mostly in Uganda and Kenya, they have signed talented artists such as Mbuzi Gang, Daddy Andre, Vic West, Angella Katatumba, Nina Roz, Rico Gang, and Zari Dancers among others.

This can be testified from the number of hit songs under the label, Ochunglo Family from Kenya have been credited and celebrated for their endless contribution towards Gengetone music. Vic West, is profoundly known for hit songs like Kuna Kuna, Cool Me Down and other countless hit songs, thanks to BMR. The list of successful artists under the record label is endless.

BMR involvement with artists have helped to propel their careers to the forefront of the industry, making them household names in the music industry and resulting to the label being named a major player in Africa.

With the label’s earlier expansion into West Africa, music enthusiasts can expect more great things to come.

One of the key benefits of BMR’s operations into Ghana has yielded the discovery of new talents in the region.

The label has signed a music video director Lord Baah, AGS Remedy, Khemi Tunez and Kwesi Mafia, a rising star in the Ghanaian music scene. Both artists are known for their unique sounds, blending Ghanaian music with contemporary new school music.

Ghana has a rich history of producing talented musicians, and BMR’s presence in the country is sure to propel the success of these artists much more further.


Photo Courtesy/ Kwesi Mafia

Photo Courtesy/ AGS Remedy

Photo Courtesy/ Khemi Tunez

With BMR’s backing, they are sure to reach new heights in their careers.

BMR’s expansion into Ghana also presents an opportunity for cross-cultural collaboration. West African and East African music have their unique sounds, but there are also many similarities between the two. We are likely to start seeing more collaborations between the artists signed under the record label.

By bringing artists from these different regions together, BMR could help to create a new and exciting genre of music that blends the best of both worlds.

BMR is sure to make a significant impact on the music scene in Ghana and beyond. The label’s commitment to supporting and developing these talents, fostering cross-cultural collaboration, and stimulating economic growth bodes well for the future of the music industry in West Africa.

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