Y254 Presenter Phyline Jean Shortlisted for International Award

Y254 Presenter Phyline Jean Shortlisted for International Award

Kenyan Television Y254 Bounce and Rock Tour’s presenter Phyline Jean has been shortlisted for the nomination at the 2022 Zikomo awards.

Jean has been shortlisted for nominations in the Best TV personality and Best-dressed media personality categories.

Zikomo awards are annual awards held in Zambia and they recognize the best talent in the media and social media circles.

Zikomo Africa Awards team stated that barely 3 days after they announced that all nominees are to request voting flyers from zikomo awards at photos@zikomoawards.com, they received over 50,000 requests across Africa.

The Awards will be awarding individuals or groups picked by the people as these are the people’s choice awards, in various categories.


The nominations have three stages that they undergo:

1. Initial nomination stage – The more nominations you get at this stage the higher your chances to proceed to the next stage. So the idea is once nominated the nominee is advised to get people to submit more nominations.
2. Preliminary nomination – at this stage the nominee is now competing to get into the top 4 candidates who will therein be eligible for voting
3. At this stage the nominee will be grouped with 3 other nominees in the specific category which will enable the people to vote on who they think deserves the award

– Shortlisted Nominees will be contacted and posters will be distributed to said nominee and media partners across the continent.

You can vote for Jean to get nominated for the awards by clicking the link below.


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