Tarel Tala set to drop ‘Matta’ visuals this week

Tarel Tala set to drop ‘Matta’ visuals this week

Finally another one dubbed ‘Matta’ from Tarel Tala set to drop this week up on our screens and in our ears, the melodious charm that is perfectly brought out with the indigenous Buganda language is literally one to get on replay. We say love is more of actions less of speech and this is just it Tala’s love for what he is doing is more than visible.

His writing skills is captivating and his mode of hitting on them vocals makes him the shinning star. He is a rare piece of gem that should be guarded and guided in all possible ways, his synch with everything served is a highlight of diversity, capability and accomplishment.

When it comes to his music he got his way of doing it that makes him identifiable amongst the many that do this, his hard work to push his work through this industry is rewarding since he is now under the best record label, Black Market Records and we all know how they do it.

Their professionalism and good work is getting Tala on the map not only in his home country but also to all those that are accessible to the internet through the platform.

Tala is a young, promising talented man and all we can do as the fans is offer our listening ears to his drooling content. Down to the heart, up on your feet and all over with an amazing dance is the whole vibe in this song. Who said that you must know the language to feel it?

That’s exactly the magic in this amazing art of music, so how about you join me in this amazing adventure of digging in to this amazing craft by clicking on that link and let’s enjoy it all together, a replay would not hurt, would it?

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