Song Review: Momox – Heartbreaker

Produced by Alexis on the Beat, Heartbreaker by Momox starts smooth with the usual soft vocals that are an absolute gem to any Swahili love song.

Comox is gifted in a way that he manages to introduce his fans to his vocal ability and show them why he deserves to be listened to. It is a Heartbreak song and he knows how to put the needed emotion into it.

The singer also chose a beat resembling something out of the Caribbean, popular with the likes of Wasafi acts such as former signee Rayvanny and Lavalava. He features a different sound although most of the content and vocal arrangement is similar to most Bongo songs.

He fuses the song with a hook that creates a unique feel to it. The doof-doof-nah sound to it just before the chorus makes it a catchy song that shows Momox’s ability to change from the usual verse-chorus formula used by most artists.

The flow, a real challenge for most Bongo songs, doesn’t seem to trouble Momox as he handles the whole song seamlessly. He maintains the energy throughout the whole track and after it ends, as a fan, you want to listen to more of him.

He has more songs on his YouTube channel, and just a suggestion, check them out.

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