Shem Gichuhi Gives A Helping Hand To Kenyan Communities

Shem Gichuhi Gives A Helping Hand To Kenyan Communities

Philanthropic US based Kenyan doctor Shem Gichuhi is a man on a mission , the mission is to give back using his trade as a medic practitioner


Having immigrated from Kenya about two decades ago , The Generous Dr Shem Gichuhi has always harboured a deep connection for his motherland .

According to him these connections to his homeland always left him feeling unsatisfied despite him visiting Kenya over and over.

Doctor Shem Gichuhi

Dr Shem Gichuhi The Doctor With A Charitable Cause


This unsatisfactory feeling left him thinking about how he would give back to his motherland and once and for all fill that empty voice.

Doctor Shem Gichuhi would have an Eureka moment when he experienced a light bulb moment as he was pondering!

Alas, he figured out that he would use his practice to come to the aid of his country and that’s what he started doing and still does to this day.

Surprisingly Dr Shem Gichuhi is an experienced pharmacy & outpatient care practitioner and thus took it upon himself to render his expertise to those affected in Kenya.


Dr Shem Gichuhi has been doing this for over a decade and he claims that it has never felt better than this, seeing how compatriots react gives him the drive to go on , he adds is not in his plans.

Doctor Shem Gichuhi

His vision was to establish a diabetic and blood pressure clinic that would make a meaningful difference.

At this clinic, individuals would have the opportunity to have their blood sugar levels checked, receive essential testing supplies, and gain valuable insights into lifestyle adjustments that could effectively manage and even prevent diabetes and high blood pressure.



To further support this cause, Dr. Shem intended to donate blood pressure monitors to different parts of the country, ensuring that people could monitor their health conveniently and proactively. His dedication to the well-being of his community was a testament to his commitment to making a lasting and positive impact on the lives of those he served.

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